Confession 2










A short post revealing a few things about my crazy mind.

You’ll often see me standing with one leg tucked up, my foot resting on the inner thigh. I get the impression I was a flamingo in a past life. I do believe in past lives.

I was once bitten by a dog. I elected to keep the scar. Some say it looks like an eye of Horus, some see a star, and one said it looked like a unicorn.  Now that is something worth keeping.

I wish I could spend my life building tunnels just to break through to the light on the other side.

Like seeds, stars should be planted in the eyes as early as possible so they have time to grow.

I believe that everything that exists in art and in the mind has an impact on reality. In truth these ideas do exist. Because of this I am careful with my thoughts and especially with my creations. What we think comes to life.

I struggle to pass a flower without plucking it. It is one of my greatest shames. That I cannot let beauty be.

I am never afraid to take off my shoes in public. It is hard to tell the feel of a place without touching the ground with naked feet.

I find puppets slightly disturbing. I don’t want that kind of control.

I think if animals could speak to us they would tell us how scared they are.

It is true that darkness has an unfair reputation, and light is much too overrated.

Sometimes I wish I could live forever. Other times I am afraid I will.

I don’t believe thirteen to be an unlucky number, I have walked under many ladders, umbrellas are best when opened indoors, and black cats happen to be my favorite.

If ever I am lost, you’ll find me in Neverland.