Poetry in Unlikely Places

Poetry is the language of the Earth. It is the very breath of life, or rather the air life breathes. These days the world is starving for oxygen. There is simply not enough poetry to go around. The solution is simple though. If people won’t look for the poetry then it is time to take the poetry to the people.

At any time there is someone somewhere who is in desperate need of your words.  You never know how many bad days you might remedy by leaving an encouraging note for someone to find. You are creating a simple joy, a moment of discovery like a lucky penny on the ground. It doesn’t even have to be poetry. Drawings or simple words of inspiration, praise, kindness, and support work just as well. All of these are severely lacking.

In my quest to bring poetry to more people I came across the work of Andréa Balt who writes inspirational messages and leaves them on mirrors. She writes, “…mirrors and false ideas of self are old friends. Because they are the first place you go to make a one-milisecond impression that usually lasts a lifetime.” Mirrors do not reveal much about a person, and leaving them a note reminds them that they are more than an exterior. I was inspired and began to think of new ways and places to share.

I want to start a Post-it Poetry movement.


Following Andréa’s lead, I want everyone to try sticking post-it notes where you think a positive message might get through.

Here are a few examples I have considered:

  • Mailboxes (Here is a place you know people are bound to look. Pop a post it note inside. Instead of a pile of bills imagine how excited they will be to find a message of hope waiting for them.)
  • Books (Libraries and bookstores are places of wonder by themselves. Their pages always lead to discovery, but you can leave an extra surprise inside.)
  • Gym Equipment (Gyms are full of people trying to change themselves for the better. Help them find faith in themselves and the courage to keep on pursuing a healthier them by attaching a note to the screen of a treadmill or the weights of a barbell.)
  • Lockers (If you are a student, post some poetry on the lockers. People passing in the hall are sure to see it.)
  • Mannequins (Store mannequins hardly ever resemble the consumers who they are supposed to represent. Leave a note on the forehead and remind shoppers that mannequins all look the same because they are made of plastic, but people come in all shapes because they are brave enough to break the mold.)


IMG_9497IMG_9501“Believe and the bars will bend”

I will be taking pictures of my notes and posting them for you to see. I would love to see what ideas and messages you all spread. If you take pictures share them with me at kevinwilliamkissane@gmail.com. Comment with any ideas of places you might leave your notes.