I am setting out on a brand new adventure. A second blog is in the works, this one perhaps a bit more pop culture. Nesting Bird Press was my first ever blog, and although I have enjoyed it, it’s been difficult for me to commit. I came at it from the angle of trying to be professional, and it seems to have stunted me creatively. I have been writing things that I think others want to hear. Although it has all come from heart, my love for it has just not been there.

This new blog will be a bit more fun, and a lot more loose. I won’t reveal the name yet, but if you look at this sneak peak for the banner art it should give you a clue as to the content.

Art by my friend Connor Wright 

Hopefully, the new blog will be accompanied by a YouTube channel of the same name. As soon as my way too expensive lights arrive, the cameras will start rolling. So you all have that to look forward to.

I will continue to write on this blog to practice my craft from various perspectives and genres. Thank you so much to everyone for your continued support.