Keys to the Demon Prison (Fablehaven)-Brandon Mull

As the last book of the Fable Haven series, this book had a profound impact on my childhood. As a bookish and solitary kid, Harry Potter and fantasy novels of the like were my escape. The worlds therein are where I made some of my most loyal and lifelong friends. The Fablehaven series made the magic seem more real and close than ever before. Set in Connecticut, my home state, I would wander my woods searching for the creatures of myth that Brandon Mull described. Fablehaven is a sanctuary for magical creatures, and likewise, the book served as my sanctuary.

Ender’s Game-Orson Scott Card

Serving as my first taste of sci-fi, this book opened my eyes to a world of cruel, dystopic injustice. I’m not talking about the world that Ender lives in, but our own world. This book highlights the injustices of war, othering, and violence that are so inherent in our world today.


(The)Vampire Lestat-Ann Rice

One of the best vampires ever written, Lestat is a stand out for my list of favorite literary characters. The Interview with the Vampire film was a favorite of my best friend and mine growing up. We would often imitate Lestat’s flamboyant, and exuberant outbursts. Lestat is here, he’s queer, and oh so relatable.


Ida B-Katherine Hannigan

Ida B had the life I wanted. She was home schooled and grew up on an apple orchard, roaming freely and making friends with the trees. Life was so free and open. Her parents had all the time in the world for her. I connected with Ida so deeply, mostly out of admiration, and sympathized with her as the order of her world began to crumble, and she felt her heart start to harden to survive a quickly corrupting world.


     Night- Eli Weisel

A Life affirming book by the late Eli Weisel. It would take a hard soul to read this book with a dry eye. This text is solely responsible for fostering my rebellious spirit. From this I learned that in life you cannot be neutral. You must take a stance for whatever you believe in. For to remain impartial is to be on the side of the abuser.


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